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GOLDEN BEACH Resort & Hotel is situated in the tourist area north of Lattakia, on the west side of the Blue Beach Resort of the Levant. It is characterized by a sandy beach which is considered one of the best sandy beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the best for all types of swimming and recreation. The prevailing northern currents are relatively light in summer and relatively mild in winter and the region prevails mild climate throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 10-18 ° C in winter and 22 ° to 22 ° C in summer.

Project Area It's about 28000 m2 away from the city center /8/ km. There are a number of main roads at the city level that link the project to the rest of the city. – BOT investment agreement signed between the Lattakia City Council and the investors of the project for a period of (35) years from the date of the actual opening of the reception of the customers can be extended for another (35) years.

Goldenbeach hotel Latakia swimming beach on Mediterranean sea

For those wishing to swim only in the sandy beach of the resort, there is a special entrance for swimmers from outside the hotel, including safety deposit box, personal luggage storage box for riders, toilets and showers with washbasins and toilets. The resort also has a range of landscaped gardens with a total area of 1410 square meters.

The hotel is a five-storey building, with /78/ key hotel rooms. It has 98 rooms with electronic door keys, including double rooms with two beds or a wide bed, as well as some types of family suites and luxurious suites with different spaces and types with floor rooms that meet all guest options. A total of 324 guest beds Each room has a TV screen with a digital receiver for all


available broadcast satellites and a digital safe for personal purposes with a Mini Bar. The total floor area of the hotel is 6020 square meters at 1680 square meters per floor. Decorative pond with an approximate area of 110 square meters and a depth of 1.20 meters with an ocean terrace of about 350 people with a surface area of 920 square meters.


In the design of the general site of the hotel was taken into account the existence of parking spaces for guests, the position of the east of the hotel with an area of 375 square meters and the position of the western side of the hotel with an area of 300 square meters. The resort has free swimming sections on both the Eastern and Western sides and covers a range of activities and services.




Latakia – Syria

P.O.Box             395

Telephone    +963 41 2145 801/2/3/4/5

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